Reasons to Start Blogging

Most online businesses are increasingly seeking to establish social media presence on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. However, social media presence is not enough to create a lifelong connection with a potential customer that could potentially lead to a sale. Businesses need to seek other ways to reach customers. Blogging is one effective way of creating a connection with potential clients. Blogs are platforms that allow companies to put thoughts into writing describing the products of a business. Below are reasons why an online business should consider blogging.

Increase Traffic


Some companies put up websites only for them to remain dormant, denying the business an opportunity to interact with their customers. Having an inactive website also denies clients a crucial customer service experience which can then lead to a loss of interest. Blogging provides a platform where different events in the company and goings-on in the business can be updated. Additionally, it provides an avenue to engage with customers through constant feedback, sharing experiences on a certain product or service, and answering any questions. Regularly updated blogs are indexed by search engines, and this gives such sites a boost of traffic. Consequently, the blog becomes more noticeable by potential customers.


Gain Customer Trust


Blogging enables a business to interact directly with customers. Constant communication and presence create a long-standing rapport with a blog’s followers. A blog with an excellent reputation becomes a preferred go-to site for buying a product or conducting research when purchasing a product. In addition to increasing public confidence, blogging acts as a way to create personal relationships; which gives the online business a face.


It is a PR Machine


The first place that customers go for reviews and to register complaints happens to be a company’s blog. A blog can act as a powerful company’s public relations tool that should be exploited wisely. You can share things like Victoria secret fat blasting workout and later on invite them to check out your products or services.  As information on the internet is easily shared through tagging or sharing, businesses operating in the modern environment should look to invest in such platforms. Practices such as responding to customer comments promptly and giving opinions on current trends in the industry may help a business link up with new customers.


Get Feedback


Blogs are easy avenues through which to conduct eye-opening tests and surveys. Followers often feel compelled to answer online review questions more easily than physical forms sent through the post. Additionally, people often express their honest opinions freely on the online space as opposed to interviews. Companies can take advantage of the available audience on the internet to conduct market trials. As customers are more likely to be honest, a business can, therefore, check the trends of the market by assessing customers’ tastes and preferences.


Creating Networks


Blogging also instills a sense of community. In any business, it is beneficial to create a network of followers and relationships with other businesses that are in the same niche. For example, having a blog on house and living brings together interested people who share ideas, make connections, make transactions, and forward referrals. If you’re looking for a community using natural or eco-friendly products like all natural makeup remover, blogs are a great resource. Through blogging, a business can reach specific communities on the internet with targeted demographic characteristics.


Research statistics show that people spend up to nine hours on the internet on a daily basis. This time is spent interacting with online communities and shopping. Also, people consistently seek opinions on products and services. Blogging provides a strategic marketing tool to create a connected modern population.